Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum Statement

Religious Education is provided in accordance with the agreed Wakefield syllabus for Religious Education. The aim of our Religious Education curriculum is to support our children to learn all about and engage with religious beliefs and practices and to develop an awareness of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues. We also foster in our children a respect for other peoples’ views and to celebrate the diversity in society. Through acquiring knowledge and an understanding of religious beliefs and practices through the teaching of our Religious Education curriculum, our children grow in confidence and are able to ask appropriate questions, and can form and express their own opinions and beliefs. Our Religious Education curriculum provides lots of enjoyable learning opportunities, such as role play, drama, discussion, debate and visits. We also encourage and promote links with the local community and churches.


Units Covered in Religious Education

Knowledge Organisers

Our Religious Education Learning


The Foundation children learned all about Diwali!

They read the story ‘The Best Diwali Ever’ and then explored designing Mehndi hand patterns.

The children also made Coconut Ladoos and then tasted them. Delicious!

Year 1

Before starting their topic about Christmas, the children unwrapped four objects and examined them to guess at what their topic might be. They looked at an advent candle, a cross, a children’s bible and a children’s story book ‘The Story of Jesus’.

Year 4

In RE, Year 4 acted out puja worship! They took off their shoes, presented an offering, and took part in aarti (Kum Kum Powder and Prashad).

Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about Hinduism. They compared worship at the Mandir to worship at home.



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