Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum Statement

Religious Education is provided in accordance with the agreed Wakefield syllabus for Religious Education. The aim of our Religious Education curriculum is to support our children to learn all about and engage with religious beliefs and practices and to develop an awareness of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues. We also foster in our children a respect for other peoples’ views and to celebrate the diversity in society. Through acquiring knowledge and an understanding of religious beliefs and practices through the teaching of our Religious Education curriculum, our children grow in confidence and are able to ask appropriate questions, and can form and express their own opinions and beliefs. Our Religious Education curriculum provides lots of enjoyable learning opportunities, such as role play, drama, discussion, debate and visits. We also encourage and promote links with the local community and churches.


Units Covered in Religious Education

RE Overview of units

Knowledge Organisers



Year 2 Unit 1.4

Year 2 Unit 1.6

Year 5 Unit- 2.1

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Our Religious Education Learning

Upper Foundation

In Upper Foundation the children were looking at both the Bible and Qur’an – the children were able to notice differences between the books (covers, colours, title etc.).They then talked about how they both have stories in them that have meaning, and how the ‘God’ in both books has the same characteristics.
The shared the story of Noah and the Ark from the Bible. The children were able to say why they thought God had sent the flood. They used a piece of material to become their own flood and the children reacted to examples of good and bad behaviours by either raising or lowering the flood waters.
The children also shared the story of David and Goliath – after talking about the meaning behind it, the children were able to give examples of tasks they think are too big for them to accomplish (riding a bike without stabilisers, completing word wall 2!) and they chanted as I group “I can do it!” to raise belief and sense of achievement.


Year 2 and Year 5 Remembrance Day Display


Lower Foundation Remembrance Day Display

Diwali in Lower Foundation

Year 5

In Year 5 RE the children have been looking at good news stories and bad news stories and discussing if the bad news stories are natural evil or moral evil.

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