Curriculum Statement

We believe that Science is a vital part of everyday life and teaching it through fascinating and practical approaches can inspire children. We strive to develop a sense of excitement, passion and curiosity about natural phenomena.

Our curriculum enhances the children’s scientific understanding and knowledge both independently and collaboratively. Our aim is to encourage the children to be inquisitive in Science and predict, explore and explain their own findings.

‘The important thing is to never stop questioning’ ― Albert Einstein.

















Science Knowledge Organisers

Science Topics

British Science Week 2024

The theme for British Science Week 2024 was ‘Time’. Our school focused on investigations involving measuring time. Each year group completed an investigation and learnt about a famous scientist linked to their topic. Check out their learning!


UF loved watching what happens to food as time passes! At the beginning of the week they set aside a range of foods and watched them decay over the course of the week, observing the changes and discussing what we can do to prevent these changes (e.g. store food in the fridge). They also learnt about the work of Frederick McKinley Jones, who developed refrigeration into what we use today!

Year 2

We discussed hand hygiene and the best amount of time to wash your hands for. The children covered their hands in glitter (germs) and washed them for different lengths of time. The children thought that more germs would be removed if they washed their hands for longer…

Year 3

This Science Week, Year 3 investigated reaction times. They investigated how long it would take for them to catch a ruler after it was dropped by a partner. They measured their reaction times by measuring how far the ruler dropped before it was caught. They repeated this experiment 3 times to see if their reaction times improved.

Year 4

During Science Week, Year 4 investigated the effects of different liquids on our teeth. They submerged boiled eggs in water, milk, cola and vinegar. The shell of the egg acted as a replacement for the enamel of our teeth. Year 4 were very shocked by the result. The shell of the eggs submerged in vinegar and cola were almost completely dissolved! They also created vocabulary pages in the style of Sara Rankin, a professor of Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology. Sara would struggle with her reading and writing and would draw illustrations to help her remember her new learning. Year 4 found this very useful!

Year 5

Year 5 started their new topic this week: Forces! They learnt about friction and how different materials can have different effects on the speed of a car by doing some investigations involving racing cars and recording the results!

Our Science Learning

Eco Warriors

The ‘Eco Warriors’ of Middlestown Primary Academy hosted an assembly to showcase the fantastic work they have been doing over the last academic year.

They confidently and enthusiastically shared some of their successes, such as fundraising events, litter picks and competitions, all in the name of looking after the local environment. They invited Wakefield Councillor, Samantha Harvey, to attend, along with two school governors, Sunil Nannar and Kath Turner.

They were blown away by the enthusiasm of the children and their efforts over the last year.

We at Middlestown are incredibly proud of them!

"I love doing experiments and finding out how things work! - Year 1"
"Science is awesome! You get to do cool activities like growing sunflowers and making volcanoes explode. - Year 3"

Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about the properties of materials! They had great fun mixing materials together to investigate how materials dissolve, and they also enjoyed attempting to separate the materials using sieves, magnets, filters and funnels.






Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about the signs of Autumn. Check out what they have been doing!







"I like finding out 'shocking' facts and working with my friends to answer scientific questions. - Year 5"
"I like science because you get to do fun things like drawing food chains. I like learning about animals and going on the iPads to find out information. - Year 2"

Foundation Stage

Foundation loved exploring shadows! They carefully traced the outlines of the animals and then coloured them in; fantastic concentration!


They have also been investigating magnets! They used magnets to move materials up inside plastic bottles. They also investigated which materials are magnetic and which aren’t, and used iron powder and magnets to create patterns.






Spaceship Earth Show

Year 5 took part in the ‘Spaceship Earth’ show, where they learned about the different satellites orbiting around our planet and their functions.

They loved learning all of the interesting facts… and seeing Luna in space!






"I love making predictions in science. It gives me an incentive to do the experiment because I want to find out what happens! - Year 6"

STEAM Scouts Visit Middlestown Primary Academy!

Year 5 had a visit from the STEAM Scouts at Horbury Academy!

They spent the day learning about global warming and its effect on our planet.

As part of the day, they dissected flowers, invented renewable energy products, measured the pH of ice cubes and made a solar powered oven!






Gingerbread Man Experiment

In Foundation Stage our book of the week was ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We were asking the question, “Why didn’t the Gingerbread Man just swim across the river?”

We conducted an experiment to find out.

During the morning, the children put gingerbread men in the water, and they kept coming back to see what had happened to them. Eventually they noticed that the colour of the gingerbread men had gone lighter and were starting to break apart.







"Science is experimenting, doing scientific research, learning about different things and new things you might have heard of. It's finding out more about how the world around us works. - Year 4"
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