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General Information

Welcome to our Year 3 page!

Things to remember:

  • Homework is set every Friday and is due the following Friday and is available on Microsoft Teams (scroll down for more information)
  • PE Kits can be worn on PE days. In Summer 1, our PE days are Monday and Thursday.
  • Spellings are uploaded onto Teams and this class page every half term
  • Reading books are sent home daily, children should read at least twice every week at home

Please send any enquiries to or get in touch through Teams.

Mrs Asquith

Useful Websites

Here is a list of useful websites that your child may find helpful:

Education City

Microsoft Teams

TT Rockstars


Year 3 Virtual Classroom

In Year 3, we use Microsoft Teams as our virtual classroom. Class messages, reminders and information will be posted on Teams regularly. Homework and spellings will also be posted on here.

If you have any difficulty logging on then please e-mail the office at

If you have any issues, please read the Microsoft Teams Parent’s Guide or contact the School Office.

Teams Parental Letter MPA

Microsoft Teams Parent’s Guide

Learning in Year 3

Half Termly Curriculum Overviews:

Click the link below to see the half termly curriculum overview for Year 3:

Year 3 Summer 1 Curriculum Overview 24

Click the link below to see the long term plan for 23-24 for Year 3:

LTP Year 3

English and Maths

Writing in Year 3


These are the texts used in Year 3 in 2023-2024:

The children enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as one of their favourite book characters!


Year 3 completed some maths investigations. They had to use the numbers 1-9 and any of the 4 operations to reach the number 100. They used their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to get as close as they could to 100.

They also represented division problems in different ways using resources in the classroom.

When learning about 3D shapes, the children created their own 3D shape models using jelly beans and cocktail sticks.

The children completed a length treasure hunt on the playground:

When learning about capacity, the children predicted and then measured the capacity of different containers. They learnt about the different units to measure capacity and volume and thought carefully about their estimations.

Curriculum in Year 3

Summer Term


In Science, Year 3 were learning about forces and magnets. They predicted and then tested if different materials were magnetic.


To start their new topic, Ancient Greece, the children ordered world history events on a timeline and then thought about where Ancient Greece would fit in with these events.

Spring Term


The children have been practising skills linked to net and wall games in PE.


After reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs in English, the children made cupcakes like the ones in the story that the wolf was baking for his Grandma. They followed instructions and decorated their cupcakes afterwards.

The children designed and made their own castles!


This term, the children have been learning about North America. First, they learnt what lines of latitude and longitude were. They learnt how to locate places on a map using lines of longitude.


The children learnt about pentatonic melodies. When the children were confident with the pentatonic scale, they then created and played their own pentatonic melodies.


One science topic this term was Plants. The children learnt about the different parts of a plant and their uses. When learning about roots, the children explored plants and weeds on the school grounds and looked at the different roots of the weeds they found.

When learning about forces and magnets, the children learnt about poles on magnets and which poles attract and repel.


In Science Week, Year 3 investigated reaction times. They investigated how long it would take for them to catch a ruler after it was dropped by a partner. They measured their reaction times by measuring how far the ruler dropped before it was caught. They repeated this experiment 3 times to see if their reaction times improved.

Autumn Term


In Science, the topic for Autumn 1 was Rocks and Soils. The children learnt about different types of rocks and grouped them based on their appearance and properties. When learning about the structure and layers of the Earth, the children made ‘dirt pudding’ to represent the different layers. Finally, the children learnt about the different types of fossils and made their own ‘mould fossil.


When learning about Early Civilisations, Year 3 took part in a Stone Age-Iron Age workshop with artist Jeffrey Andrews. They looked at artefacts, completed an archaeological dig, created their own Stone Age art and made replica Iron Age jewellery.

In order to learn more about the lifestyle of a hunter gatherer, Year 3 walked to Coxley Woods and looked at what resources could have been used as tools and weapons. The children also made their own shelters using what they could find in woods.


When learning about Early Civilisations, the children created their experimented with natural materials to create art and created their own cave art.


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